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    Quote Originally Posted by Sampo View Post
    Freeps only wait because a full morale creep gives more renown than a half dead one!
    You freeps are cruel monsters!!!
    /Thread lol

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    So you could essentially get to R15 uninterrupted if you had a few years of spare time by continuously questing. If you wanna be nice and let them quest do it, if you don't, fight. Personal choice <3

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    Giving props to Delamore costs 10g.

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    On topic again:

    While ranking my WL from R0-R6 I could list off for a while the number of high ranked/god mode/classy freeps that let me finish my quest NPCs before fighting(and usually killing) me.

    I'm really glad to see people still do this, even more now with u6 screwing creep currency.

    +rep delamore, you deserve a spanking today
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    Quote Originally Posted by archf1end View Post
    Thats a fail thread meant for trolling fest XD!! God freep = dead freep......
    Cataphract, where you been? Haven't seen you in my combat log lately....hmm, plenty of squishies out for you. Cept me. I am a tank as we all know. So as a warg you can safely ignore me. Hope to see you out there again.

    I never hurt no Creeps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by takimeta View Post
    What is this ridiculousness? Isn't this a Player versus Monster Player zone? Aren't you supposed to kill or be killed? These self imposed, unwritten rules are stupid. If this is the way Turbine intended it to be, they would have had those zones cordoned off to prevent being ganked, yet they haven't. Sigh... maybe this is why I'm constantly trolled on GLFF, because I choose not to play by anyone's precious rules that they've set apart for themselves. Sure, I'll leave CM and 1v1's alone, but come on... anything else HAS to be fair game, right?

    Playground tactics apparently rule Dwarrowdelf PvP.
    Dwarrow has pvp?
    Glaer, noobwarden of DwarrowDelf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glorahealz View Post
    Dwarrow has pvp?
    Says the BAOS noob. Get back to your zerg and fix the daily site while your at it trololol!

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    So this is my first replying to a thread ever. And just have to say wow. Thanks Crygin for letting me know it was up. First and foremost we all run around and check areas when moors is dead. Second Zaran (props mate) was close to TR while it was blue and just happened to be running back from OR and seen him. He was doing his thing, I stopped and waited, then I killed him plain and simple. I have done this for other creeps in HH. It has nothing to do with rank, I just love a good fight. And if that means letting them heal up (no not for more renown get bent i'd rather get little renown then none) then so be it. A friend gave some props, guess ppl get pissed there not in the spotlight. Karoc nothing but love but I'm taking you're place, and to everyone else watch your butt's cause ima rip you a new one. Spank Away!


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