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    The Order of the Witch (Medium RP, lawful neutral kinship)

    "T'was on a charming and cold evening, that I saw her magnificient figure illuminating the darkness of the night. Her golden coloured hair gently flowing with the northern breeze and her bright matching eyes that could sooth any tormented soul, filled me with an uncontrollable desire to submit myself to her will. Though it wasn't an unpleasant feeling nor did it felt forced, I merely wanted to protect her and help the world share her grandest of wishes. Perhaps, you could say I had fallen under a witch's spell. For, make no mistake, that she was. Her distinctive hat and attire, forbidden and cursed in this part of the world, only made me more attracted to her cause. I understood what it meant to be forsaken and forgotten by the world, I understood how powerless she was when faced with her dreams. Thus, I bonded with her. I kneeled before her incandescent beauty and swore to become her knight, willing to brave every danger and betrayal to help her accomplish her ultimate desires."

    The brand new, fresh and medium RP inclined kinship dedicated to serving the Witch is recruiting! And we need you to join today and fill in the knightly ranks of her noble order with the ultimate goal of spreading her love, compassion and ideologies!

    *What's the goal of this kinship? To spread the golden Witch's love throughout Eradior, for she is truely magnificient and her will truely grandiose. Not only do we seek to serve her, but we also seek to help and aid those in difficulty, no matter their race or beliefs.

    *Who is the Witch? A golden haired beauty of unmatchable intelligence, charisma and goodwill. Undoubtedly she is our true saviour in this forsaken world of torment, and as such, we must follow her enlightening footsteps as her shield, as her knight.

    *How does the kinship work? Imagine an organization similar to the Templar Knights or the Teutonic Order that follows a strict hierarchical ordering. In reality, it's your typical knightly kinship with an added twist and semi-religious setting. A single man leads a band of mercenary and fanatical knights in their quest to spread the Witch's will. You'll notice the use of the word "mercenary", as I do plan on setting up a hired blade systems where the members will be able to lend their swords to another man or organisation (and like stated previously, wether they are needed for a shady and unlawful act or an act of benevolence matters not) with the goal of pretty much making other people fall for the woman this kinship serves. Which will perhaps require some tact, as witches weren't exactly regarded as saintly beings in medieval times which will hopefully add a certain twist to how this roleplaying theme plays out.

    *Who can join? In character, pretty much anyone. The Witch does not care for race, origins or beliefs and this kinship reflects that. Out of character, friendly and mature players are standard. Experienced and new players alike are both encouraged to join. In fact, pretty much everyone is welcomed as long as they behave in a relatively courteous manner and are willing to serve the greater cause.

    Events (raids, parades, a visit to the local tavern, questing and perhaps even military drill sessions?) are also heavily present and there'll even be a special reward system where a third party will send a mysterious letter to whoever has pleased the most the Witch at the end of each week/month (wonderful gifts included!). This'll hopefully add a layer of cooperation and maybe a little sprinkle of competitiveness as people strive to help each other and be the best at doing that.

    So in conclusion, this kinship offers a friendly environment in a templar-like organisation and ambience with experienced, new and friendly players. And all of that will be spiced with all kinds of features and events. Doesn't that sound like fun? Of course it is, serving our beloved Witch will always be fun!

    I hope this thread gave you a rather global view of what'll be going on in this knightly order (which probably isn't very lore friendly, but I'm sure good ol' Tolkien won't mind) and I hope the general aspect of it will please some. If it does and you feel like joining, just send a mail or a tell to "Angnor"!
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