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Thread: Elven Naming?

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    Question Elven Naming?

    Hello all, I just have what I hope to be a simple question, any assistance will be greatly appreciated! My question is this: When naming an Elf, would it be acceptable to use two suffixes? Just looking at the character creation screen for a female Elf, would something such as Hir- -Eth -Rian be acceptable, or would I be possibly naming my Elf something idiotic? Admittedly I was a late bloomer when it came to my interest in Tolkien's works, and I'm still trying to figure a lot of these kinds of things out. I'm aware of the different names an Elf can hold (Father-Name, Mother-Name, After-Names, & Self-Names), & from what I have read, names over four syllables would have been unlikely used. All this being said, could anybody shed some light on the issue? Thank you for any assistance, those that offer it!

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    The Father name is what you are known by by all, the mother name is privet as is the personal name the elf chooses for themselves. They are only used my family/immediate kin for the mother name, and the privet name by those given permission. I don't know about multiple suffixes.

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    I think I may have found my answer, or at least to an extent. after looking all over the internet most of last night, I found a few pages with meanings of Sindarin naming segments. All of the elven names I have seen with the exception of a few are a prefix and suffix, with some being a modified version on one end or another; however, the resources I pulled would make it seem as though logically you could use a double prefix, because some prefixes are simply indicating the named is feminine. I might be off track, but I'm just going to go with it, the name I want otherwise fits naming conventions and I'm not so picky that I would deny myself a fine name. =p

    Thanks for the reply, Jewl_of_the_lake!



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