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Thread: Creeps

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    Creeps are evil..must kill creeps. Specially those ones that want maps.

    That is all.

    I never hurt no Creeps.

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    But your sign says you don't hurt them
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    Quote Originally Posted by atmonello View Post
    But your sign says you don't hurt them
    its a double negative
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cardal View Post
    Simply awesome....
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    Pshhtt... freeps think creeps are evil, while thinking they themselves are good, which is not true, cause creeps are good, and we see freeps as evil, while Turbine sees us as evil and freeps as good, while Tolkien saw freeps as good and creeps as evil.... all I know is creeps are good and freeps are evil.
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    Agreed, freeps are evil little buggers :P
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