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Thread: Gospel Of Filth

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    Gospel Of Filth

    Open to players of any kind. F2P (as I was when I started xD ) up to vip. All ages, races, classes and levels are welcome. Our core of players spends a lot of time PvMPing and downing 3 and 6 man content. WM crafters in all professions, as well as players at levels from one to cap. We are casual but do not filter our language in kin chat so keep that in mind. There is no fee or obligation other than not stealing from us. Officers that are easiest to reach in game are Lasadin, Lillythe, Juggabuh and Wakelee. Feel free to contact any of us in game for more information and happy hunting

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    Feel free to send me a tell on inth aswell ill switch

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    lasadin is no longer an officer, it was switched to intharth.

    GoF is still open to anyone who is looking for a kin that likes doing smaller content, casual playing, or pvping!

    Wakelee and myself are the primary officers and the 2 who log in the most. If you can't reach us send us a mail and we'l be happy to get in touch asap!

    As a smaller kin who does like pvping, we do use the social channels, unite/glff to get the gear from raiding content, however our smaller groups for 6/3man content often rely on good communication, class understanding, and of course, good teamwork. However we are not a heavily serious kin, but it would be nice to see some fresh faces and of course we're always willing to help newer pvpers in the moors so hit us up in game for more information!

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    Yay join GoF, even I'm not in there, they are all nice guys



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