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    Hunter Armor list

    Anyone know of a up to date website that have all the hunters armor ( raid,skirmish,crafted) I am returning after 2 year (since Mirkwood) and i realy feel like a NOOB all over again kind of fun And and hunter guide since all my stat is from Lady of Discernment set, and last whats the max level on deed now? 14? 15?

    THX in advance

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    i dont think they have been added to the lotro lorebook yet... as with almost everything post ROI....

    Lotro is a diffrent game since MOM..... those where known as "the good old days".... sadly hunter has delapitated into the most disgraceful peice of deplorable rubbish imaginable.... but i've been wrong before...could get worse..

    nothing special with the new sets really. one of the orthanc ones gives a bonus to fleetness that makes your pen shot cost as much focus as it did back in MoM.... 2 focus... woop de do.

    btw... about the noob experience.... yea... your gonna be bitterly dissapointed. boring buggy expations...
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    http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Armour_of_the_Faron ... and yes: Faron set all the way ^.^

    Lotro-wiki.com is probably the best source for (almost) anything regarding lotro. I've stoped using the lorebook a long time ago due to its increasing number of >error< messages.

    Deed lvl is now 14, so happy grinding and of course: Welcome back

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    Darzil's Crafting Guide


    Unfortunately, not completely up to date (ToO-raid missing, but Draigoch and crafting sets included). Anyhow, ToO is very expensive (in terms of seals and medaillons); I would start with crafting + Draigoch. Also, in the AH you may find some decent ini drops (bind on equip) for reasonable prices - armour, side weapons and jewelry.

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    Here you can find a complete list of all lvl 75 raid armor sets.You can level to 75 with the armor you have now.Just change with quest rewards till you reach the cap.I suggest changing your LI around lvl 72.Finishing the Epic(VOL III)will give you a 2nd age emblem which you can use to craft a legendary 2nd age bow.If you have the Great River quest pack,some of the best jewelry in game can be gotten from there.
    Start from doing some isengard 3mans,then foundry or roots of fangorn.Then you can start raiding.
    The most important stat is agillity.A decent hunter has around 2000 while the well geared ones stack it up to 2500+.
    Have a look at this too http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...RoI-Edition%29
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