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    Fighting Wargs and Reavers

    So i just got rank 8 but im having some trouble dealing with ranked wargs and reavers. My fights go as so:
    wargs: as soon as they come out of stealth i fore lore and mez, follow with a be and sticky gourd and then something like a staffstrike/sweep and sign of command, by then ill usually mez again and Be. If im not dead ill repeat

    Reavers: fire lore when they charge along with sign of power command and wizards fire. After the charge ill use sticky and mez then be. After that ill move around with staff strike and a lotrd. From then on ill mez+be and try to get an extra be or lotrd dawn in.

    Any suggestions would be helpfull thanks
    Athrane R7 Lore Master

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    Use Sign of Power: Command before Fire Lore - that way when they pot the 30% less damage debuff will be there. Re-apply Use Sign of Power: Command if he has potted it.

    Cast Use Sign of Power: Command + Wizz Fire + Sign of Power: See All Ends on the move when ur Foe is tryin to catch up and has SI since u have just stunned him.

    If u have the staffstrike CD on ur Staff use it as much as u can on the move (running rite trough him) ... try to stay mobile and do not let them hit you from the back (especially the wargs).

    I personally Trait Tard for the Inductions and CD decrease find it very useful. Try to keep an eye on ur Foe's stun immunity state - use Storm Lore when he is in mele range. Use Benediction of the Raven (on the move) obtain Westfold Parable and fire off Ents Go to War or AC + Lightning Storm

    Herb Lore if u can get it off also might help - try to Kite them in the Targ + Sticky G DoT to get the max effect (this is a must obviously).

    There are a lot of stuff u can do in order to improve ur chances.
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    2 way ... stun and burning for slow if you have 10% speed buff ... else ancient craft staw swip call of valar ent chian light storm lore staf strike wizard fire some debuff if need but you need to burn dawn fast else you will die ... debuff are a fail alone cause have too much animation and wasted time, you die really fast.

    Reaver is the same stun bruning and run run run all time never stop stun debuff run run if you stop run you will die no way.

    I talking about hight rank and skilled enemy.

    Tbh i can't kill a good warg only with a lot of lucky on flank/devastate and with cd on.

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    Thanks for the tips guys; to bad tar+any type of kiting is considered nooby on my server
    Athrane R7 Lore Master

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    Yeah right, it really is noobiness to use skills you've been given.... /sarcasm_off
    I hope wargs/burgs don't use sprint/hips/touch and go there eithe, or champs bubbles + all other classes lifesaver skills.
    Willion - Burger 105

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    Your server doesnt have a clue if they think Tar is nooby. Tar is a needed skill if you want to beat good reavers and wargs IMO. Sure once in awhile with all CDs up you can get away with out if ya get some crits and what not but the majority of 1 v 1s I fight on my LM I gotta tar or its not a fight its just me getting wailed on while my inductions get interupted lol.
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    That is like a hunter telling a reaver, "You can 1v1 me, but you have to stay at range." Each class has certain strengths and certain weaknesses that complement the other classes. You must play your class the way it was meant to be played. Those "kiting" rules were probably made by melee classes that have no clue how to play other classes.
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    My tips for Wargs:

    Obviously have Dunedain Learning traited and keep up the +stealth detection. This usually means they won't be able to sneak up on you. I usually start with a BF and throw tar down in front of me. Then I go BE (55 second dot ) and LotRD. While they are taking their brief stun from LotRD, I put down ISG on the tar that I have taken them into (having tar and sticky gourd traited is hugely helpful).

    After this set up they are taking a BE dot and a ISG dot while running around at a super slow movement speed. I can now usually kite around while I use staff strike, wizards fire, stacking BE, and LotRD.

    As long as the warg hasn't HiPS, sprinted, or doesn't have 4 or 5 stars you should be good.

    Charging Reavers? mehh they trash me.



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