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    Can't find recipe for legendary item

    I am looking for the level 60 version of the Reshaped Lore-masters Staff of the First Age.

    The vendor in the Esteldin craft hall doesn't seem to have it.

    Can anyone confirm or deny it exists?

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    lvl 60 first ages have never been craftable.

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    Lvl 65 1st age are craftable... as long as you can find a symbol of the elder king...


    But honestly, my advice is to wait to lvl 75 to craft such wonder...

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    Aren't lvl 60 FA's only available through
    Moria legendary barterers?
    Seem to remember something like that anyway...

    But indeed, as the previous poster mentioned,
    it's probably wisest to wait till level cap, before
    switching to a FA. The benefits of a FA at
    level 60 are hugely offset by the enormous
    amounts of IXP you need to level it up.
    By the time you max it, you'll probably be well
    on your way to a 75 one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catisa View Post
    lvl 60 first ages have never been craftable.
    Much as I thought otherwise ... this appears to be the answer.




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