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    New player looking for an active RP Kinship!

    Hello. I have only been playing for a couple of days now. I really love this game so far, and I am hoping to spend a lot of time on it (especially since it's Summer break.) When I say a lot of time, I mean I'll take my time with task like deeds, crafting, and role playing. I am a level 14 minstrel named Cecilian. My trade is woodsman, forager and farmer. I am already at Mastery in woodsman and forager. However, at the moment I do not plan on giving farming much thought.

    My RP is simple: I am just a traveling bard who enjoys music and has played it since a child. I go from town to town (usually whichever town I am leveling in) to play music. My character's ultimate goal is to bring people together through happiness and melody.

    Note: I am not terribly knowledgeable on Lord of the Rings lore, so if you make reference to it in OOC or even in RP I may have a basic response. I would like to know more, but I just don't have time to read up on it all. I know only the bare minimum, and I mean bare minimum. I have watched the movies but not read the books, so the films are the extent of my knowledge base.

    Anyhoots. I am interested in a kinship that has regular RP events, preferably not sporadic ones. One with a designated gathering and hanging out place, so I can go between events when I am taking a break from quest and possibly meet a Kin member and start up a casual RP talk

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    Have a look at Laurelin Archives, a great resource about people, RP Kins and Events, backstories of characters and more

    The Laurelin Kinships forum is another place to look as well but i find Laurelin Archives more organised and easier to find what you seek

    If you have any more questions about RP, you can contact me in-game if you like

    May your winds be fair!
    [CENTER][URL="http://laurelinarchives.org/node/12497"]A place in-game for all fans [SIZE=1](and roleplayers)[/SIZE] of Tolkien's world. Enter friends and experience Middle-earth.[/URL][/CENTER]



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