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    42 LM, need help with Virtues

    Hey there. I've been playing my LM for awhile (I love it so much I made him my main xD) but I need help with Virtues...basically, I don't really know which ones to choose. So, a list of which Virtues to use and maybe a quick explanation of what they do would be much appreciated!

    Little side-note, maybe this will be relevant: I'm playing an Elf LM, and I'm working towards maxing the Keeper of Animals for my Class Traits.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Wisdom is a must-have for +will. I use Zeal and Valour for their +morale, and Loyalty for +vit. The last one varies somewhat... you may want Confidence and Idealism for +will too, or Innocence for mitigation. I've started using Determination for +morale and crit from agility. We'll see!

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    Valour, wisdom, zeal, innocence, and fidelity are safe but sure.
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    I'm not a big fan of wisdom in higher levels. On lowlevels it can be nice. But at 65+ the small willbonus is nothing compared to the will you get by equip.

    Some of my favorite virtues:
    Innocence, Fidelity, Tolerance, Zeal, Patience, Honor

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    i'm really anal with virtues, by that i mean i usually only have ones equipped where all 3 stats benefit me. Thus i rarely slot valour or justice because of the oocmr and might benefit.

    Zeal, Loyalty, Wisdom, Innocence, Fidelity i have equiped most of the time, i'll change mitigations to suit content

    Also i never bother with Idealism, stacking +crit and icpr is a lot more prudent than the fate stat
    Empathy gives a poor return in mitigation also.

    Of course it is nice to get your virtues maxed out as early as you can but don't forget you can balance your gear to suit your virtues as well as vice-versa.

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    I use

    I use Loyalty - Honor - Zeal - idealims - valour - wis

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    Wisdom is nice for lower levels, but when you reach 75 and get properly geared, you'll find yourself swimming in an ocean of will, when I'm in full dps gear, i have about 2100-2200 will unbuffed. So instead, I focus my virtues to add morale and mitigation to help me survive. My main 3 are Zeal, Loyalty, and Valour. The last 2 slots I keep for Innocence, Tolerance, Fidelity, and Compassion. If I'm doing Orthanc raids where the boss hits entirely tactical damage, or when I go to the moors, I slot on Tolerance and Fidelity for the tactical mitigation bonuses. (You can actually reach the tactical mitigation cap or get close to it with the raven buff and no other buffs, if you gear/trait properly and still manage to do decent damage, good tactic for the moors). If I'm about to do a Draigoch raid, I slot on Innocence and Compassion for the physical mitigation bonuses.

    Also, critical rating from fate and agility are useless for a LM in my opinion, the amount you get from them is so small if you compare it to the amount you can get from pieces with pure critical raiting stats on them.
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    All of the above is pretty valid, wisdom is good at lower levels and utterly redundant at higher levels, when morale and mitigations are far more useful.

    In additon to the ideas above, I quite like Empathy, which can add something like 15% onto my total armour rating.
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