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    Jun 2012

    5 friend referral didn't work for me, how come?

    I was just wondering how come I didn't receive my free mount after i successfully got 5 referrals. Do I have to wait? It said the next time I log on, there will be a free mount in my inventory.

    I didnt see the mount.

    Whats going on?

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    Mount tokens usually get auto-consumed when they hit your bag. Did you check your mount skills to see if the new mount is there?

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    Jun 2012
    never mind. i got it ) delete thread...

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    The Netherlands
    How long did it take for you to receive your mount?
    Im already waiting for almost 24 hours..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroedIn View Post
    never mind. i got it ) delete thread...
    please don't keep it a secret.

    what was the fix for this?

    how can the rest of us do what you did?
    Teamwork and RTFM [Read The Fabulous Manual] are my favorite cheats.


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    Same here i don't have mine

    How do you get it? im still waiting on mine to.

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    Cool Got it

    I have been waiting for a month and finally got it.
    So just wait....
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