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    There is always room for more!

    Shadows of the Dragon Riders (SODR) is seeking mature, humorous, laid-back individuals and real-life couples to fill out their raiding and fellowship roster. The majority of us are adults, so be prepared for some lively and colorful kin chat. If you are easily offended, or cannot take some good ole' fashioned ribbing, we might not be for you. Laughter, they say, is the best medicine, and we try to keep it coming in waves.

    We are a newly formed kin, but we are not new to LoTRO. Our kinship runs regular activities including Deed-fests, Instances, Skirmishes, Quest-a-thons, and Raids. With a full spectrum of MoG crafters, we can help you gear up throughout the levels too.

    Why should you consider SODR? It's simple, we are tired of the baloney that we see on a daily basis. We are all people behind these virtual elves, hobbits, men, and dwarves. We all have lives outside of Middle-Earth. For every character you see in-game, there is a human being behind it. It's a game and not high-stakes international espionage. It's supposed to be fun, not filled with drama and intrigue. We're all similar in worth, and a title in-game is just a bunch of pixels, not a license to bully, harass, or boost a waning ego.

    In short, we just want to have fun and play!!!! That's the whole reason why we pay for a subscription, buy expansions, grind out TP.

    Feel free to check out our brand-spanking new website: sodr.guildlaunch.com (Under construction)

    Our rules? Well, they're pretty standard:

    Have fun!
    No drama!
    It's a game, not a job!
    Help one another!

    Classes we are in need of (but this doesn't mean if you're not on the list we won't take you!):


    So, to wrap this up... If you are looking for an adult kin, one where you can speak your mind and have your opinions matter, look us up.

    Officers: Danascus, Silvae, Sneakyfuzz, Ganurdhel
    Leader: Trisaiden
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