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Don't let them fool you. They are mean. Especially that Swifty. My fellowship really needed help with Gift For The North. I asked him since he was level 50 and in the Shire. I asked nicely and he doesn't even wanna help people in need. I thought this kinship was about helping others.

We are all people who pay to play, that includes those at level 1 and those at level 50. While it might seem reasonable to lower levels to expect higher levels to help out, please understand that not everyone (a) has the time to help out, (b) is able to help out, (c) feels like helping out.

Swifty IS a nice chap... err.. hobbit. If you ask someone for help, Swifty or otherwise, and they do not respond or do not help, please just ask someone else. We all have different play styles and play times and not everyone is standing around waiting for someone to ask them for assistance, even though it probably seems that way with all the level 50s roaming about.

If you ask someone for help and they are obnoxious in their response, such as telling you to shut up or sending obscenities your way, then that is considered rude. If someone doesn't respond when you send them a message, or if they let you know they are unable to help, that is not being rude.

I suggest using /L if you are looking for a fellowship. You will have a better chance of finding people who need the same quests you need, and the quest will be more challenging if you go with a level-appropriate group.

Thumbs up to S&H.