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    Looking for a Medium-RP Kinship?

    Hi! I am relatively new to the RP scene, but after seing multiple RP styles, I think that I have narrowed it down to 2 style would be the best for me. Either an A. Adventuring type RP Kinship, or a B. RP Racial Themed Kinship.

    If i went with an adventuring kinship, I would love to log on and find a very active, exciting kinship constantly traveling and having adventures together in-character, never knowing what will happen and who they will meet on the road. Perhaps a young Elf who has ventured away from her home? Or maybe a group of dwarves that invites us to stay at their inn for the night.

    The other option would be a racial themed kinship, such as an Elven or Dwarven only kinship. I am leaving this description a little blank here because for this catagory I want to get my option a little more open.

    Thanks for your help, and sorry if I sound kinda newbish I am really new to RP-ing and am still trying to figure some things out about it as I go along.

    P.S. I may not be a extremely active member, as I do not play as frequently as I used to.

    Thanks again!
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    Hello, and welcome to Laurelin! It's always nice to have more RPers joining our folds.

    Judging from your description, my kin The Iron Axes might be a pretty good fit for you, especially if you mostly play on north americain evening time (6-12pm server time (EST), which would be 11pm-5am UK time or midnight-6am central europe time).

    We're pretty laid back, mature (average age probably approaching 30) , variable in our RP (light to heavy, dependent on the event and venue), and like to do things together.

    Our RP is more adventuring/expedition/trading theme (as oppose to military or urban crime fighting themes, etc). We are a mixed, but dwarf centric kin, with a couple of hobbits growing our supplies and a couple of man lending their swords in exchange for the part of the loot.

    We also have a solid group of aussie players to keep our halls lively during our more quieter hours.

    If you would to know more, please don't hesitate to write us or search the "iron axes" in game and ask for an officer.
    [b]Razo Mossyfoot[/b], Swine herder of Willowbottom, in The Marish of East-Farthing.
    Treasurer of Bacon, Ham and other Cured Goods of the [b][url=http://theironaxes.shivtr.com/]The Iron Axes[/url][/b] of the server Laurelin.

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    Re: Iron Axes

    Ok! I will have to check you guys out! Thanks!



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