Hello fellow Firefooties,

I am Renedor and I have been playing LOTRO for three and a half years now. I started SOE back in January of 2011 and it was going quite well for awhile. We had a casual and drama free kin which is what I was looking for. We loved to help each other and just have fun. We were pretty decent at end game content other than we never got quite big enough to do raids.

My wife and I had our first child, a baby girl who was born and January 1st this year and that signaled the beginning of a long break for me. I had new things taking up my time. I would check in regularly during the last six and a half months but did not have playing time. I started playing regularly again about a month ago. I am now in a place where I feel I can regularly devote time to the game again.

When I returned about 4 weeks ago I came back to a dead and empty kin. Apparently it just pretty much died in my absence. I do not want to let the kin I created die. We still have 4 or 5 peeps who play regularly but that is it.

I am looking for some players to name as officers who would help me rebuild the kin. I would also be naming one of them my successor. It is a rank 10 kin with vent server. We had a very nice webpage but as no one was around I cancelled it last month. I would be willing to re-open it if the kin starts living again.

So if you are an experienced player with at least one toon at or near level 75, and are interested in being a new pillar of SOE, then send me a message in game or reply here in the forums. We will talk

If you actually took the time to read my wall of text that you feel has nothing to do with your life then I deeply apologize.