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    Could We PLEASE Speed Up The Cooking Process?

    It takes literally hours to make enough critted food for an adequate stockpile or to sell on the AH. People don't really buy the non-crit foods, and for not enough to make it worth while if they did. Considering the amount of time it takes from farming ingredients to cooking the item.

    Could we please make bulk items more than 5? Perhaps 25-50?

    The whole cooking time sink isn't really necessary. It adds ZERO enjoyment to the game.

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    ./signed. I totally agree with you.

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    I don't even bother using my cook for this reason.

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    Totally agree. Cooking inductions need to be cut at least in half if not more.
    Better yet just remove the inductions altogether.

    And please do increase the Bulk items as 5 is simply not enough.

    Definitely /signed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve-KC View Post
    Could we please make bulk items more than 5? Perhaps 25-50?
    For regen food, get a guild cook.

    ...and given that the bulk recipes require the small repasts, it's consistent with the other crafters, so I doubt we'd get more than 5.

    What I think we need is bulk recipes with guaranteed crit for the (+Stat) trail foods. If that was done, the rest of it would not be as big of a bother.

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    I cook on sunday mornings. I am more than happy with the speed as I use the downtime to either read or do stuff around the house. And I am also able to sell the non crits on the AH quite successfully. I just price them at the point where I cover the cost to make everything that I made plus the cost to post. Yes that means that I make no profit on the non crits. But it also makes the crits pure profit. I pretty much always sell out.

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    Yes, please do make it quicker. I find the plant/harvest/process/cook steps to be really tedious. Much worse than my scholar or jeweler making consumables.

    It is at the point where it is quicker (and more enjoyable) to go grind out some gold and buy the stuff, even though I have the farmer/cook...

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