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    Global class channels?

    We all know GLFF does not stand for Global Looking For Fellowship, but I am not sure how the word Troll got into the acronym. My question is are there any global class based channels? /Minstrel /Warden /Captain?

    If there are not, would anyone be interested in starting it up? We could organize raids of all one class, advertise "healer lfg" or "group needs tank" without interrupting the lulzfest that is Glff.

    Way back in EQ when global channels went live we created one for Paladins and it was a great resource for veterans to help the new guys, and talk about the best tactics, gear, and anything about the class.
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    [url=http://www.wegame.com/watch/Warden_massive_pulls/]Warden Massive Pulls[/url]

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    Go ahead, start it and promote it in GLFF :-)

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    interesting idea, although late in the games lifespan for this to really take hold. Be sure to promote it in any general OOC/regional you're in, move around and such to maximize the amount of people who see it, just doin glff would gather a pretty small group and exclude new players for the most part. Its time consuming, and takes awhile to really kick off, I know since I brought glff from 10 people to 50+ and after that it took off on its own.



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