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Thread: Gencon 2012

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    Gencon 2012

    Hi there,

    I'm still somewhat new to LOTRO and I happen to go to Gencon every other year. I'm going to stop by this year and am wondering if Turbine or any other LOTRO groups might be having a get together of any sorts.

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    Turbine was there and ran a small party the year they released Moria. They have not been there in any capacity since then. I go every year and find it rather disappointing, but oh well.
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    I attend GenCon every year as well and would like to see Turbine there. I know one of the developers goes (but not as part of Turbine) as an author and can be seen in the Artist Avenue. He wasn't there last year, and I managed to miss him the year before that.

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    I wish they would be ther as welli look for the every year.
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