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    GM? and LF people to skirm with :)

    Looking for friendly people to skirmish with, i have a range of characters, currently level 23, 30, 40 and 66
    Skoir: 66 Champion
    Domozo: 40 Rune-keeper
    Lunadia: 30 Warden
    Deshay: 23 Captain
    If your interested, leave a response or /tell me in game

    Also.. ###? xD

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    Re: GM? and LF people to skirm with :)

    As for the horse you saw, it's part of the Riders of Rohan pre-order.
    It's a quest where you get to play one of the upcoming warhorses.

    As for your request for grouping, i suggest you try to find out,
    what your serverwide lff channel is, probably just GLFF or in my
    case on Evernight: Globallff, to join these channels, type into chat:

    /joinchannel Glff

    /joinchannel Globallff

    On evernight these channels are also used for Kinship-advertising
    which may help you increase your contacts ingame by joining one.

    hope this helps a bit, good luck



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