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    A Formal Introduction to the People of Landroval

    Hello Landroval Roleplayers, hello other roleplayers, It is so good to meet you.

    I am the first of many who may or may not be Arriving to your server (Landroval) and I am going to give us all a Brief introduction.

    We are A band of Freelancer Roleplayers, The rare breed that does their own thing without much regard for others. However, We Always Abide by the rules and regulations of Roleplay, and try as hard as we can to be Creative within the limits of the Lore of the Rpg we Partake in. I Will list the people who may or may not be showing their faces in this Roleplay.

    Please note i am not listing the Actual names of the Participants.

    ~Cysan (me!)
    ~Axle (name may vary)
    ~Zeronus (if i can find and persuade him to, He disappears a lot, going on adventures with Golaran)
    ~Golaran (if i can find and persuade him to, he also disappears a lot, going on adventures with Zeronus)

    And the list will continue later.

    We will be looking for a Kinship to join that can offer us benefits to fit us. We are delighted to finally join in roleplay, and we have researched the rules as much as we could, and feel ready and confident in our abilities.

    Our promises to the community

    ~We will not stray from the Regular races.

    ~We will follow as many of the rules as we possibly can and that still allow us to be the Freelancers we are.

    ~We will try to bring Interesting and Fun roleplay to the table, along with as many helpful ideas and creative roleplays as we possibly can.

    ~We will try and fund the kinship we join with as much Gold as humanly possible. (ooc'ly anyway) And we may be willing to buy the kinship house of a kin and help in the Decorating of it. (We have some beastly designers, Who can Decorate a kinship house to look pretty darn amazing.)

    ~We will try to keep strife to as much of a minimum as possible. I also ask that if you decide to continue an arguement with us, You do not blame the arguement on us for our ignorance and so forth.

    Tell me what you think of my group, I will be joining Landroval, if possible, in the next few days. I hope to see you all soon.


    Ps: I have told my group to remove all Ringlore from their rp, thanks to the information from the Thread from Earlier. That would've been a disaster and I'm glad I avoided it. We have come up with a new Storyline, and it is somewhat interesting, like all of ours. =)

    "Though the Darkness is thick, I am the Light. Follow me and I will lead you to safety."
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