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View below to see why small servers suck, think players would resort to such extreme measures if there were more people? No. See how they just keep going? It's because they are hypocritical just like people from small towns. Surprisingly both are very much alike. They all trash talk in their little formed groups that do not welcome new members. These people don't know me, they have never quested with me. Exploitation has been happening since the dawn of video games. You think in 5-10 years when LotRO is old news that people are going to care how one made it to leaderboards? No, all they want to know is who was #1 real quick then be on their way.

To anybody starting on Imladris just know that there is a much larger and much more friendly community on the Brandywine server. The reason you are dying can be placed on your kinship but in reality its your server.

Anyway, love how you are all taking time to hate mail me

Keep the posts coming so I can brag to my bros about how bad all these people got at me over a video game LOL. You can't beat me, at any game.

I hope you all die slow painful deaths. ) After all, gotta die some day xD When that day comes, I'll be number one lol, no matter how i got there, i still got there, noobs just mad because they didn't think of it first LOL Say what you want, keep the hate mail coming, I'm loving it xD