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    All fun, no drama, & family-friendly!

    If you want the fun & benefits of group play without the drama and inappropriateness that sometimes comes with it, then you may be looking for the Defenders of Serenity. We're an active, laid-back group that enjoys running quests, skirms, and instances together, as well as crafting, chatting, and helping one another level.

    Our Values
    We're intentional about what defines us so that our kin maintains its identity. It really boils down to three core values:

    1) No Drama Allowed
    Seriously, the internet is full of places where people can be narcissistic and make it all about them to the exclusion of other peoples' enjoyment. We don't believe LOTRO should be one of those places! We're here to enjoy the game and do it together, so basic maturity is a must (maturity in attitude, not necessarily age). We don't whine about other players, trash other kins, or make nuisances of ourselves in-game.

    2) Family-friendly
    We joke, laugh, and have a good time, but kin chat is always kept clean. Some kin members are family in real life, and we want the game to be a positive environment for everyone in our kin. Again, there are plenty of places on the internet to access "adult" material; we believe this game shouldn't be one of them.

    3) Fun & Helpful Tone
    Middle Earth is a fantastic place and LOTRO is a wonderful way to explore it. So we think playing this game should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. We help each other out and are happy to advise and assist new players, but we also respect one another's time. No one is pressured to participate in a given activity, but everyone is welcome.

    Stats & Vitals
    Defenders of Serenity is a rank 7 kin as of this writing, with a kin house. We also maintain a web site complete with an application for membership, more info about who we are, and a photo gallery capturing some of our recent escapades and adventures! Feel free to check us out at www.defendersofserenity.guildp ortal.com

    We have a core of active players & do tons of group content together, and we'd like to expand that group! So we're currently recruiting players of all classes, races, and levels who feel that our values are a good fit for them. We don't care if you're VIP, Premium, or F2P.

    Join The Fun
    I play LOTRO with my teenage daughter, and we were looking for a group to join that we felt comfortable with. We met the kin leaders in-game, and signed on as "charter members" of the kin - and we've never looked back! Since then the core group has expanded to include some fantastic kinmates, and we're excited to bring a few more into the family.

    If you're interested in who we are and want more information, please visit the web site at www.defendersofserenity.guildp ortal.com or send an in-game mail/message to one of the officers listed below, or post up here and we'll be happy to respond.

    Thanks, and enjoy the game!

    Morragwen (Leader)
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    Recently we've had a couple different players apply for membership to our kin through our web site, but we don't see their characters listed in the game so we haven't been able to contact them. If you're one of the those players, please
    • make sure you're on the Imladris server (or come join us there!), and
    • double-check that your character name was spelled correctly on the application.
    • And/or post a reply to this thread or message/mail one of the officers listed above in the game
    We respond promptly to requests for information, so let us know how to contact you and we'll be in touch.

    Thanks, and happy hunting!



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