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    Looking for kinship

    I'm a returning player with a cappy at lv55. I started playing at beta and became a lifer when it launched. I've been playing on and off since then. With the new expansion on the horizon I'm looking forward to bring my cappy to lv75 and raid. I love playing in fellowships but unfortunately all the people on my friend list including those from my previous kin seem to have stopped playing. Is there any recruiting kin out there willing to let me join?
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    Re: Looking for kinship

    The Shadow Conspiracy is a small, casual kinship. Not big on raids, but we do have skirmish night every Saturday.

    Characters to contact in-game for questions or invites are Freyya, Tyene, Kraymoth, or Marali.

    If you're really interested in a raiding kin, though, we're probably not your best choice.

    Have fun!

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    Re: Looking for kinship

    The protectors of the blessed realm are very active with there end game content from pvp to running all raids and helping our kinnies lvl, do deeds and get better gear. along with us being the funnest kin in lotro. if interested in trying out the best kin on the server send turialus, nimthos or elezmera a tell we would love to have you

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    I would like to join a kinship, btw I have 2 questions:

    What race has the most health/morale is it hobbit?

    Whats that sparkly dust around my character.

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    Morale is the least of what you want to worry about these days, more like your Primary stats for your class then Vitality, and plus on-top of that, your gear (jewelry and gear) will make up the rest of your HP.

    Regardless of what Race you pick, it has no effect on the Morale you have, just a little difference in your Race traits.

    Sparky dust around your character? Hmm.. I'm not sure what you are talking about? Hunter run speed boost? *shrug*
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