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    to my new First order brothers and sisters...

    Noxalon was kind enough to invite me into your fold the other day. However being new to the mmo world and having only played LotRO mostly solo I figured that I need to get my coop skills together, chat mostly, as i am a hunter and have the combat together, i believe.

    Long story short I started a dwarf over on Dawarrdelf for the much needed TP and to get my chatting chops up to par. I hope to be a helpful member of our kinship very soon, and get about 100 TP in the dwarf/elf starter area. I want the points and I would like to see this land as my Hobbit stayed mostly in The Shire.

    One question... after i /joinchannel GLFF can I then put kinship on a separate chat window? I really need help with the chat I have found it hard to get my head around.

    thanks for reading and I will be back real soon and look you all up in and around Bree.

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    Re: to my new First order brothers and sisters...

    Yes you can.

    You can create a new tab by right clicking the general tab in chat and choosing create new tab option.
    Then right click the tab you just created and choose change the filters. There you can click or unclick the channels you want.
    Once that is done all you have to do is drag the tab out of the chat box and place it where you want on the screen.
    And you can also right click the tab to rename it.

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    Re: to my new First order brothers and sisters...

    Thank you for the help I will try to get it all together.



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