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    Farnum, Captain of the Free

    Made a poem a while back when i was inspired after routing the Brigands in the Vale of Andrath. It was read aloud in a podcast on CSTM some time ago and i figured i could also drop it in here. I'm not in the habit of making poems and i thought this one came out rather nice so i thought i'd share. I figured the RP section would an appropriate place for it.

    Enjoy! (i hope )


    Farnum, Captain out of Dale
    on a proud steed in the Vale
    Over field and hill his gaze
    saw folks frightened, in a daze

    With a yell and press of spurs
    bolting forward onto curs
    Brigands shouting, weapons bare
    only one man, he won’t dare!

    Flashing broadsword silver gleams
    drawing blood in many streams
    Brigands crying now in dread
    see their fellows laying dead

    Once a camp of Riders Black
    Andrath, Long Climb, south and back
    Now its crumbling heart of stone
    is a grave to Brigands bone

    Farnum, Captain out of Dale
    on an errand in the Vale
    Folks still sing of him in Bree
    of Farnum, Captain of the Free

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    Re: Farnum, Captain of the Free

    Cool poem Farnum

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    Re: Farnum, Captain of the Free

    not bad. good work.



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