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    If I could I would sign it a hundred times!! PLEASE Turbine, now you should have a bit of time for that too!!!

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    I've been waiting for this for a loooong time. News that has a real window of time instead of some vague notion of time, I mean to say.
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    I would love to see some improvements come to both Housing and Kinships!

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    I'll keep dreaming...

    Maybe someday, someone will care enough to actually bring housing to the top of the list of things to update.

    It's kind of annoying having 2 storage alts loaded down with un-used housing items. Turbine keeps giving us cool stuff every time there is a festival and with the last few updates, Epic Books. For some reason, they just don't want us to be able to display any of it.

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    Oh yes please.

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    The best way may be to get completely rid of this housing system and start anew. You should get some inspiration from EQ2 like some others suggested. I would be ready to "lose" the house I own now to get the chance to buy a new one with :

    - No hooks. Just let us move objects around ! I want to put chairs around my table ! I would love to put some flowers in a glass on it too !
    - You could make A LOT of money out of this by setting a limited number of objects per house, and selling limit expansions, special furniture or walls or floors in the store. You could even sell special houses in the store (bigger, cooler, or in special areas)!
    - At least one house per character, please ! All my characters do not live in the same place...
    - Make them useful ! Allowing crafting, renting of special NPCs like vault keepers or things like that, especially for Kinship houses.

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    new housing system should look like HYTBOLD !!

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    /Signed twice

    I really don't mind all my players sharing one house, although the extra storage space would be awfully nice, along with the ability to have race-specific housing. (e.g. - My dwarf rune-keeper could have his own swanky house in Thorin's, while all my Man characters would be stuck in Bree-land.)

    What I mind more than anything is the eviction/escrow system. I understand that there will be people who stop playing the game for a length of time, the want to jump back in a year or two from now...but they are few and far between. In the real world, when you stop paying rent, they give you a few months to get your act together...and then THEY KICK YOU OUT. If there's a way to code when the house was locked up...then start a 90-day countdown. If the player hasn't come back and caught up in their housing payments, the house goes back on the market, and the items in the house either get deleted OR (better option though possibly complicated) into the auction house. Seems like it would be a lot like a bank selling off things that were repossesed.

    My current neighborhood has the following occupants: myself, one friend of mine, and our kin house. The end. Other than that, it's a waste of a neighborhood. Seems silly to continually open new neighborhoods with new names and houses when the vast majority of the existing ones are locked up and unoccupied.

    /Signed three times.

    C'mon, Turbine, make it happen!
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    I think it's ridiculous that so many houses are owned by players who haven't logged on for many years, when there are so many current players who are looking for a house.

    I propose that houses should go back on the market if rent hasn't been paid for 12 months, and that housing items should be placed in escrow indefinitely. It should also be possible to pay rent for, say, 6 months in advance.

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    Thumbs up







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    Lightbulb Why make it so hard?

    If Turbine makes new housing areas in the newer areas that is more like the way we want
    I am more that sure allot of people will move to them willingly..
    Also if Turbine make some service that we can use to actually move all stuff to the new housing even more people will move. Perhaps even move the lease for the housing so that we don't have to pay double?
    Then the old housing areas can be used for low levels and people that really don't care that much about it for a cheaper fee or something and they then wouldn't have to be changed at all.

    Wanted stuff in housing 2.0
    * Letting us have more chests in our houses
    * Letting us have wardrobe in our houses
    * And also crafting, vault, party place, food place and a different activities arena in housing area.
    * Perhaps servants for rent and tables with chairs for houses to have parties
    * Perhaps kinship vault in kinship house with possibilities to set access right and logging
    * Personal vault in hoses
    * Lot's more places to put stuff, like flowers and paintings. Both inside and outside.
    * Perhaps possibilities t change appearance on the outside of the hose? Like color and roof, grass or gravel and so on.
    * A stable master inside the housing area with swift travel to the major towns in different areas either for all that have
    housing access or earned with rep in those areas.

    These are only a few ideas I've picked up in different threads and though of myself. I am more than certain there are loads more. I really can't believe that Turbine don't give a rats &&& about paying customers, they are to big for that and after all they gave us RoR witch by far is one of the best expansions at least according to me. Some information from any Turbine personnel would definitely be a good thing.
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    Would love to see some housing improvements.

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    An example of a completely different housing system:

    And here's a finished house as an example:

    Runescape housing has fixed hooks just as LOTRO. However, the house itself is built according to the owner's design.
    There are crafting facilities, a place for your pets, a place for games, a place to train or improve most of your skills, and even a dungeon if you want one!

    Of course, such huge houses are impractical in LOTRO's current housing neighborhoods.
    However, lessons may be learned from them.
    - Crafting facilities
    - Games (at least for kinship houses, some kinds of interplayer games would be nice)
    - Trainning facilities (also great for kinship houses)
    - Room for pets (LM pets or any other "pets" such as the current property guards)
    - Possible future improvable houses in other locations

    Not all of this needs to be house bound. Community games could be implemented in the neighborhood itself to promote interaction between neighbors, for instance.
    Sparing grounds could also be implemented in the neighborhood (with no time limit, unlike the current sparing system).

    There are already some tag games implemented near Bree for fellowships which I'm almost sure very few people know about. Why not move that into the neighborhoods?

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    /signed a million times over!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainothon View Post
    Dear Turbine,

    Please indulge me with more ways to spend Turbine Points. One way would be to sell extra furniture and yard hooks in the store. Another way would be to sell expansions to one's house in the store (basement, tower, stable, extra room, extra themed rooms, extra large stable). And of course specific furniture like mannequins.

    What would also really make me happy is you putting an end to all those houses being closed because of lack of payment.

    Finally, the icing on the cake would be flexible placement of furniture/yard hooks. I'd be delighted to display my full creativity and also to see that of all the other wonderful people of Middle Earth.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Yours faithfully,
    Guardsman Rainothon Hailbringer, Foe of Night
    /signed signed signed

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    I posted in another thread the last time I was able to find any official word on housing was back in the June Q and A. It wasn't much of an answer, so a more complete response would be welcome.

    I have read many posts on this issue saying that trying to tweak the current housing system might not be possible.

    If that is true, I have often thought that there are likely enough players who would be willing to pay for a separate and totally new from the ground up expansion pack completely devoted to housing. One of the main problems with this of course is convincing Turbine that it's worth investing enough time and resources to make a profit. The other part is finding out for sure if enough players are willing to let the current housing stand and shell out coin for a new possibility.
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    - Get rid of neighbourhoods, have small, deluxe, kin size houses that act as portals in each major city in the game that when you walk through them take you in to your house.
    - Then moving the various housing related NPCs outside each of these 3 houses.
    - Give double rested xp or something like rested ixp for logging off when in your house to encourage usage.

    Would require minimal revamp effort to do if resource and time is limited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RossMcColl2 View Post
    - Get rid of neighbourhoods, have small, deluxe, kin size houses that act as portals in each major city in the game that when you walk through them take you in to your house.
    - Then moving the various housing related NPCs outside each of these 3 houses.
    - Give double rested xp or something like rested ixp for logging off when in your house to encourage usage.

    Would require minimal revamp effort to do if resource and time is limited.
    Get rid of neighbourhoods, no. Move them, yes. Bree for instance has a huge central piece that has nothing in it, its a big dirt field if you've ever been on the rooftops. A smaller housing neighbourhood would fit quite nicely in here... Or even bring the mountain down north of the PPI to use as the neighbourhood area... In a town = much higher exposure then off in the middle of no-where. But keep the neighbourhoods, people like to show off their recent acquisitions. Thorin's would be easy to relocate as well since it's all underground, just add a door in Thorin's Hall. Shire, just move an imaginary mountain, since the mountains around MD are fake anyway, just insert housing area a little closer... Elf housing area is a little tougher, however, adding a boat option from Celendim (since it's not far that way) could be an option, or move it to a vale in Rivendell.

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    /signed as well. I'd love to be able to buy at least one house per race.

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    Post Look to other examples

    I believe EQ2 has the best housing system. I also believe Dark Age of Camelot has a great system. Here's why.....


    Own multiple houses with same char
    Housing in town
    Housing in random spots in town (i.e. - rent a house/room above the tavern)
    Small House
    Big Houses
    No specific hookpoints
    Change the sizes of the decorations
    Different zones


    One huge zone for housing. There's not 40 housing instances that look alike.
    Possibility to create a community within the housing zone.
    There's stable masters and teleports to travel within the housing zone
    Great hookpoint system
    Different housing size options. Possible to own a massive house for yourself. (not restricted to guilds)
    No rent, loose house
    If I remember correctly I believe you can own multiple houses.

    I really think LOTRO system is good but it could be a lot better. But, first things first. Boot out the people not paying rent and make room for players looking to move in.


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