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Thread: Burg Armour

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    Burg Armour

    I turned 75 not too long ago and had been saving my medallions and seals for armour from the burglar trader at the Ox-clan Merchant Camp. I am wondering, is it worth while to save them up for the ToO (cabeddan and dinhigil) pieces or if I can get away with the cheaper gambler set. I am a semi-casual player. I am on almost every day but only for 2 or 3 hours. I like to do skirms and instances but I haven't done too many raids (no one honestly ever seems to need a burg when I'm online lol), though I'd like to try them more. Because I don't do the high level instances as much as I probably should, should I bother waiting for enough coin for the ToO pieces, or are the other pieces good enough?

    Thanks for any advice. Sorry if this is a really noob question.

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    AW: Burg Armour

    If you're not playing PvMP and are not able to get the PvMP Gear, you should get the ToO Set with guaranteed crit (5 pieces bonus) as a red burg (QK Traitline); sorry, don't know the name currently, as I'm using PvMP armour for months. If I remember correctly, it's Dinhigil. It's the best set besides PvMP imho. Guess this also counts for the Gambler set for blue burgs, but I'm not sure cause I'm always playing in QK.
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    Re: Burg Armour

    i've queried a few online on this matter. im just geared in quest armour. which path to focus on?

    1. lvl 75 pvmp armour.
    2. 3 pieces of draidoch armour, then start tower raids for that set.
    3. full set draigoch, then start tower raids.
    4. buy a crafted great river set.

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    Re: Burg Armour

    i'd say get your draigochset first (the first 4 parts at least). if you wanna play moors, do so, you'll get the best set.
    the orthanc set is pretty much just an alternative to the moors set if you dont wanna farm commendations. The difference between orthanc- and draigochset isn't that big, but the difference to the moors set is pretty high though.

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    Re: Burg Armour

    For PvE the Galtrev set is very good, iirc 5 pieces give you the 505 reduction in Trick costs which is a very nice bonus.

    If you purchase the Galtrev use Meds; that way you've got your Seals stashed up for the ToO set.

    To be honest, I'd not worry too much about the ToO set, I was largely underwhelmed in it for PvE. It is a little better than the Galtrev set and worth considering if you have the Seals, but bear in mind that with Rohan being released in a few months effort vs reward might be doubtful.



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