In support of our love of Tolkien's World, Strayhold is sponsoring a fresh, new discussion for the Professor's works, powered by YOU.

Each week will focus on a single chapter for discussion on our message board. It will be an open discussion: all who wish to participate will be able to do so freely, and because we are doing exactly one chapter per week, any who "join late" will not have a hard time catching right back up.

Of course, to join the discussion you will have to join our messageboard, at

Our first book to read and reflect upon: THE CHILDREN OF HURIN! This is the newest, published work of Tolkien, as pieced together by his son, Christopher. It tells the tale of Hurin, which sets up much of what we see in his later works.

Here is a link to purchase the book from Amazon:

Hope to see you there! This is going to be an excellent dialogue for those who truly love the world that Tolkien gave us.

See you there!