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Thread: Brand new Burg

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    Brand new Burg

    Havn't really played him that much -- 75 -- but spread out over a couple years of having him and mostly just ran around doing quests often in a group. So now that he has arrived. What legs do I want on my LI's.

    Don't care for PvP so no need for things that are good for that. Don't anticipate playing him solo. Just for raids and groups so specs and LI's that are good for raiding. Don't think I've seen the ol' hips pull since BG - but still lots of mezzing in ToO and CJ poppin in Draagone.

    Rolled a 75 dagger and got 4 golds and 2 silver - Burglar skill bleed - Subtle stab damage - Position surprise strike - Critical Response skill damage - riddle range - trick range.

    Do burgs use 'clickies' at all. Sould i get a clickie with ready and able cd? Is it worth putting on reg dagger. Seems like a half hour CD is not really worth trying to shorten. Might be worth it on Clickie though.

    I'm thinking for dragon Feint Attack Cooldown might be nice for getting more CJ's. The question is what to replace? I suppose if I really do only raid and group with him that position from stealth will not get used much. I'm sure a PvP burg would cring at the thought of getting rid of it.

    Should I just leave it as is? is feint attack CD worth having ?

    Any gen'l advice on class traits and bag LI's to hope for?

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    Re: Brand new Burg

    Legasys all depend on how you trait. As for ifa cd giving more cjs it does not because you only have one skill that creates a cj that needs it, that being said i still use it for drag. If your a gambler burg then lucky strike cd is a must ifa is a must for a qk burg.
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    Re: Brand new Burg

    I would suggest you SEARCH this forum. Many people have made posts on this topic.
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    Re: Brand new Burg

    Leave as is, if your playstyle doesn't demand another (which you would have already gotten), then you are good to go. You've already got the "must haves" basically.

    You won't need the CD for Draigoch, my weapon looks a lot like yours, and between Exposed Throat, the four FM starters and Marbles as backup never had an issue hitting two per round. (Finesse is useful there.)

    There's more details in previous threads on these topics, including covering your question about bag legacies.

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