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    Looking for a good home?

    Hi! My name is Celerk. I joined the House of Blackrock 3 years ago. I joined so I wouldn't have to adventure through middle earth alone. I found companions and friends too. I know you have many choices when it comes to a kin, please, come check us out on the web.

    Here's a brief summary from our leader:

    Reasons to join The House of Blackrock:

    - One of the oldest and largest kins on Windfola
    - Rank 10 kinship, well respected by long-time players
    - Casual, mature atmosphere - no pressure
    - Members from all over the world and several timezones
    - Extremely friendly high-level players who love to nurture new players
    - Always someone online who can answer questions, give advice
    - Member of the Windfola Alliance Consortium of kinships for forming groups across 27 kins
    - Online forums: www.hobonline.org/hobforums - that can be used for forming/joining scheduled groups
    - No drama - just nice, friendly people
    - Family friendly - Real Life comes first
    - Plenty of maxed out crafters willing to help new crafters along and make critted items if requested
    - Support for deeding, difficult instances, class quests, etc.
    - We are not a PVP or raiding kin per se, but we have knowledgable members who do both
    - We have chapters in WOW, EQ2, SWTOR, GW, RIFT and more, so you can bring your kin with you when you play other games

    If this sounds like the kin you've been looking for, please contact us for an invite. You can create an account on www.hobonline.org/hobforums and post to the HoB Recruitment/Request Permissions LOTRO thread and ask to join us.

    HoB Chief
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    Celerk - main
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