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    Outrider's Token missing.

    I pre-ordered RoR Legendary edition and contrary to what I was led to believe I did not receive the Outrider's Token (providing +25% exp boost to all characters, presumably on monster kills only but who knows).
    Instead my Pocket slot is not simply empty, and in my bags I now have Derudh's Stone (+25% exp bonus on monster kills UP TO lvl 64). But I'm level 65.
    Granted when I bought RoR that toon was still lvl 64, but I would have thought that I still got the Outrider's token.

    Anyone else got that problem?
    Or is there a thread about this already?

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    Re: Outrider's Token missing.

    No, but you should have some boxes in your inventory which you need to open, the token should be in there.

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    Re: Outrider's Token missing.

    If your inventory was full at login, the box containing your pre-purchase items may not have appeared.

    Make sure you have plenty of free inventory slots, then log back in on that character.

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    Re: Outrider's Token missing.

    Haha that kinda impossable Fredelas. You also get the 6th Bag. So even if your 5 bags are full you still have room in your 6 bag for Legendary edition.

    My suggestion.
    1 Make sure you enter Code then sent you on your Account.
    2 Make sure you 6 bag is visable. I found mine hidden behind another bag.

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    I don't have it either. I opened all my boxes and there was no token inside. Now, I bought the expansion on Black Friday, right after Thanksgiving. Was it still a part of the Legendary Edition then?

    This is the same for all 10 toons on the account. They ALL do not have the token in any of the items received from the purchase. But everything else is accounted for.

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    The outrider's token was only available in the bundle as part of the pre-purchase, if you purchased after release, it won't have been included in your package i think.

    @OP, try using /reclaim in game and open any boxes that appear in your inventory to see if it's in any of them.

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    Thanks. It makes sense now.



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