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    Lvl 50 exquisite radiant set

    I have my first toon at lvl 48 (mini) and have enough rep for the lvl 50 Exquisite Radiant Set. Is this set worth the mats or will it be replaced after a level or two in Moria?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Lvl 50 exquisite radiant set

    I'm no expert on the subject, but for Medium armor my Hunter used crit crafted armor for nearly all of Moria. I didn't see anything worth switching out for until I started doing instance runs to get medallions to barter for the Great Bow set from the 21st Hall class trainer. Now that I'm in Mirkwood it looks like I'll still be using that set for quite awhile. I suspect that Minstrel will be similar.

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    Re: Lvl 50 exquisite radiant set

    The Exquisite Radiant Set is a good set for its level.

    I wore the Medium version on my hunter until I completed the Rift and got the Doom Hunters gear
    But if you dont intend running the Rift then the ER set will last until you reach the Watcher Raid Gear
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