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    Westfold Athelas Essence Recipe?

    I have killed countless mobs trying to get this to drop. 2 sites say its a drop recipe and i have check all the vendors. Do you have to be a scholar for it to drop? What mobs or scroll cases (Decorated/Adorned) does it come from. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Westfold Athelas Essence Recipe?

    The recipe is indeed a random world drop. In my experience, it is a very rare one. I believe you'll have your best luck hunting level 71 or higher humanoids, as well as looting any crates, boxes, or chests you find in areas they inhabit. Also, don't forget to hunt in the Auction Hall!
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    Re: Westfold Athelas Essence Recipe?

    There are two types of westfold crafting scroll cases: "Adorned" and "Decorated." Decorated scroll cases drop from lvl 65-70 mobs, while adorned ones drop from lvl 71-75 mobs. I'm not sure which one the westfold athelas recipe drops in, but I know I did find it in a drop, and I did not find it with my scholar character.

    My hunch is that it is in a decorated case, which would mean going back to the early sections of Dunland or Enedwaith to search for it. I could very easily be wrong on that point, though. If you found the westfold celebrant salve already, it will be in the same type of scroll case as you found that one in.

    Remember only humanoid mobs drop scroll cases. Good luck!

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    Just to update. Finally got one. It came from a Decorated Scholar Scroll Case, found in the Mournshaws area of Dunland, either from a Corpse, Backpack, or Chest. I have farmed this area several times before. Very low drop rate. Thanks for the info that was provided.



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