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Thread: So Roleplaying?

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    So Roleplaying?

    i an interested in making a RP charecter but i want to know somethings first.
    1 isn't there a sever that is only for roleplaying? i think there is but i can't remeber.
    2 how do i set my charecter to Roleplay?
    3 what do i need to know before i start?
    4 what is different about Roleplay groups as opposed to normal groups?
    if someone could answer these questions i would be greateful.

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    Re: So Roleplaying?

    i would also like to know.
    5 is it possible to roleplay as a creep?
    6 do i need a lore acurrite name?
    7 is a back story important?
    8 what is different about kinships in roleplaying?
    9 what are the unoffical rules for roleplaying?
    10 what are the most important things to know and do before i start?
    if these questions could be answered i would dearly aprectat it. (sorry fo the misspellings)

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    Re: So Roleplaying?

    1) Laurelin is the official RP server.
    2) Type /rp on, it turns your name white as a visual indicator that you are roleplaying. /rp off toggles this off.#
    3) See point 10.#
    4) None that I know of, except that they roleplay.
    5) Of course, though I have only ever met one roleplaying creep in the Ettenmoors. Roleplay is far less a priority there than in the freep world, I think.#
    6) I would say yes. It goes a long way toward other roleplayers taking you seriously (though some don't mind).
    7) See point 6. Though, having a 5,000 word essay in that part isn't mandatory; it is possible to start with a vague theme in mind and let your backstory develop by itself through interaction with other roleplayers.
    8) See point 4.#
    9) Respect the lore, respect other roleplayers, and don't metagame (making use of knowledge gained out-of-character for in-character purposes without a bona fide justification).
    10) Having at least a basic grasp of the lore pertaining to your character would help considerably. Also, might be useful to frequent the Laurelin Archives (http://laurelinarchives.org) as that is where a lot of Laurelin's roleplayers congregate while offline. Last but not least, attitude is key: keep an open mind and enjoy yourself! Good travels!

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    Re: So Roleplaying?

    ok thats a start. thank you. i will hopefully be joining you in Roleplay soo. anyone else have anything to add?

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    Re: So Roleplaying?

    Annunion has covered pretty much all nicely but i will give my input as well

    1. Laurelin is the official RP server with the most actually Roleplay Events

    2. Type /rp on

    3. Before you start, i would say that it would be wise to know at least the basics.
    There are some RP guides specifically for LotRO, that you might want to have a look
    A short guide to RP
    Guide to effective RP

    4. RP groups roleplay i guess while non RP groups dont

    5. It is, just expect to get attacked many times by freeps though as you will be in the PvMP zone (Ettenmoors)

    6. If you want other rpers to take you seriously in RP and have more respect i would say yes
    There are many sites about that..
    This is a very good one and my favorite one, which i have used many times : Merin Essi ar Quenteli

    7. Depends. I would say having at least a short backstory in-mind would make RP for your char easier. There is a bio option where you can write. However, try to keep it short, you dont need to have a long and detailed bio

    8. On Laurelin RP, thankfully there are a lot race-themed RP kins, (which creates a more immersive experience to many) some for elves, some for Dwarves, some for Hobbits and few for Men
    Have a look at the kins on Laurelin Kinships forums and make sure you check on Laurelin Archives

    9. Not sure what you mean

    10. see 3.

    If you join Laurelin feel free to send Erennor a tell. Cheers
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    [CENTER][URL="http://laurelinarchives.org/node/12497"]A place in-game for all fans [SIZE=1](and roleplayers)[/SIZE] of Tolkien's world. Enter friends and experience Middle-earth.[/URL][/CENTER]

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    Re: So Roleplaying?

    ok thank you both for the help. i will be roleplaying on lauilin soon thanks to your help.

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    Re: So Roleplaying?

    </sigh> Not to diminish the efforts of the wonderful folks from Laurelin, I would like to point out another option.

    1. Landroval is the Roleplay Encouraged server, a subscriber-based decision from its founding. Another major difference is that Laurelin has mostly European players while we are mostly North American.

    2. /rp on, as noted by others, will change your designation.

    3. You should have a basic outline of your persona but let it grow as you interact with others. After all, that's the fun about RP: finding out just how & why you got here in the first place.

    4. Regular groups are usually focused on combat tactics, looking for the right balance for the task at hand. RP groups focus on relationships and obligations driven by player interactions.

    5. I never do that Creep stuff but I don't think so. Mind you, I've met some very social Creep folks who are lots of fun for fighting & chat but they don't seem to be Lore focused at any time.

    6. The more accurate your name, the more likely you are to encounter other RP types. I do know that Laurelin has stricter rules for this. However, when I see a stupid name on Landroval, I just take it as a sign to stay away.

    7. A back story is very useful to explain how you became an adventurer. Read the books, watch the movies, and search the web to help with this. Making a personal timeline also helps (e.g. my Elf Hunter survived the fiasco that eventually became the Dead Marshes).

    8. RP kinships can vary from staying in persona while in public channels to full-blown campaigns that just use Eriador as background. (As I understand it, public channels on Laurelin are directed to be in character at all times.) There are social RP kin (usually musicians) that hold regular events often with many members who never get past Bree, giving up on the Epic storyline. For example, Landroval will be hosting Weatherstock this Saturday which draws bands from other servers to compete.

    9. Unofficial rules? <hmm> First of all, be patient and observe others while they interact. Look at how they write their public chats. Learn how to use emotes to complement your actions. I've found that playing proper music allows you to observe and get attention at the same time.

    10. Paragraphs 3 & 7 cover the basic things you need to start with. Once you're online, I shall agree with Tegilbor that you keep on open mind and enjoy yourself. I've discovered some very delightful things following such advice.

    If you do find yourself on Landroval one day, feel free to pester any member of my Coterie. Be seeing you!
    [CENTER][SIZE=3][FONT=palatino linotype][B]Carven's Coterie is still active despite any evidence to the contrary.
    Be Seeing You![/B][/FONT][/SIZE]



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