A little bit about us: The kinship was created a week before christmas 2013. The intention was to create a community of players who enjoy spending time together, have a laugh or two and take part in the end-game activities such as PvMP and PvE alike, however we also welcome players of any levels and any style of playing, be it role-play, solo questing or whatever. Although most of us are not real ´veterans´ of lotro, most of us have been around the game for a year or more and some have been playing since release. Hence we are able to also help new players with levelling, crafting and knowledge about the game. We interact in-game, in TS (provided by DoH, which we are grateful for) and in social sites such as facebook.

For those looking for a kinship, we are accepting all classes and are multinational. isH has an experienced PvMP and PvE raid leader, although as a kinship we haven't marked down our completed raids yet, we have members of different past/current raid-groups who have been part of withywindle's server firsts. If you are thinking of joining, you can contact me in forums or get in the game and get a hold of any officers.

Here is our member list



aerthal Mintyrod

Anabella Rosemarieke


Beornimli Timanris

Burgomeister Zegrondreamen

Ellegos Zinwin