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    Ridersofmirkwood New kinship on Lauralin

    Riders of mirkwood are recruting new members .
    now we seek for our kinship people who be mature 22+ best are able to talk and understand english .can use teamspeak.
    we are looking for:Classes
    Burglar 1
    Guardian 2
    Hunter 1
    Champs 0
    Loremaster 1
    Cappy 1
    Minstrel 2
    Runekeeper 1

    Our goal is to do ToO tier 2 again but aswel run other raids and instances aswel as skirmraids with kin .
    if you need gear we wil run some gearing runs but its not that we are giving all just because your a nice guy .
    Know your class know your skils and be geared and max virtues out or work on it .
    Prefer people with multipul charachters end game so its easier to switch out in raids and get the right group for the right purphase.
    treat others as you want to be treated yourself ,we dont like swearing all the time in raids i like to make calm and easy fun runs swearing and offending doesnt kill a mob.

    if you have quistions and want to have more info just ask in game for a officer of Riders of mirkwood
    or apply on our site wich we currently stil working on http://ridersofmirkwood.guildlaunch.com/

    Cya in game
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    Re: Ridersofmirkwood New kinship on Lauralin

    Wasn't it Rangers of Mirkwood back on Withywindle?
    As a fellow migrant I wish you best of luck starting over.
    I'm sure it will be much easier on you since this server is populated well.
    Withywindle: Hargorin, 85 GRD; Tharwil, 53 CHMP and a whole lot more offspring

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    Re: Ridersofmirkwood New kinship on Lauralin

    Quote Originally Posted by Aisolon View Post
    Wasn't it Rangers of Mirkwood back on Withywindle?
    Yes it was that was our Home for years .now withywindle is a to small server to play on so we decided to move on and start the same nice kinship over here .
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    Cool We are stil recruiting

    Hi all players in Lauralin .

    we are stil recruiting members for our guild to launch war on t2 ToO.
    Nope we are not recruiting for guildlaunch becuase lotro survives them all and we dont play it .
    we like to raid on high and lower level OD Hellegrot Rift DN BG ToO and more of those even skirmraids can be done with kin runs .
    we are looking for a few people who want to raid but also social in teamspeak ,if you have now raiding expiriance no problem all can be learned ,the only thing we ask is to put effort in your character gear good virteus maxed out know your skils
    and have fun in game .
    if you are looking for a kinship just apply to one of the members online .
    cya in game



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