Cool screen shots, bro. Makes me wonder why you were taking them... I didn't take a single screen shot all night. In fact, I can't remember the last time I did take one unless it was for tribe memories or whatever. Do you work for Fox Freep News? I think you do... it certainly looks that way. I am liking the slant that your putting on your little spin-shots here. I think I will call you "Spinador" from now on. It fits nicely. How do you know we weren't running to West TA or inside TA to counter some crazy freep threat that was happening there? Like the 6 mini, 5 cappy, 2 champ, 1 hunter, 1 LM, 3 burg group that was out fighting while you were busy running around like a nub getting blown up? For the record, I never had more than 9 people in my "SixZerg" the entire night and we fought several larger groups in the open field most of the evening... a shame you weren't around to see it what with being dead a lot and trying to get those incriminating screenshots of SpiderMan and all. Delusional freeps FTL. Dropping group to take an "evidentiary" screen shot is also a cool trick.

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Just how many creeps does it take to kill a freep?
A lot more than it used to, my friend.

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WTB Immortal Warriors so creeps can see how to win while fighting away from NPCs.