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    Starlit Crystals on LI tools

    From the 7.1 patch notes:

    > All Burglar and Champion Legendary Class items can no longer be upgraded with Star-lit Crystals. Any Champion and Burglar Legendary Class Items on which Star-lit Crystals were used will retain the bonuses even though the Legendary Item will not display that it has been upgraded.

    So I guess that means we won't be able to use crystals on our LI tools? But if we've already used them, they'll keep the bonuses? What bonus do they get? I have not got any crystals yet, so I guess it won't affect me - but it sounds like if we got some, and applied them to our Tools, and they'd be grand-fathered in? When does 7.1 go live?
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    Re: Starlit Crystals on LI tools

    Yes, they'll keep their effects, which are not much.

    7.1 is a week old.
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