Hello role-players (especially any on Vilya).

I have been playing the game since 2007. I have a variety of characters in various stages of leveling. My main, Gilbryt, is a level 75 lore-master. When I started with him, some time ago, a fairly natural back-story came to me. Therefore, I have been doing more and more in-character RP with him, than my other characters.

I have started to write his story down in the MyLotro blog. So far, I have penned two installments. I would invite you to read them (start from the bottom entry) and drop a comment if you like. I know there are different approaches to RP. I m trying to weave my story into the fabric of the game experiences. I'm thinking about the next installment, but it still needs some work.

I would also invite any RP players on Vilya to contact me in-game. I like meeting new friends in Middle-earth. If you're not on Vilya, I would also accept "friend" requests on MyLotro as well to do a little virtual RP.