There I was, just strolling out of Gramsfoot with my camrades Bagopoop and Luflash when I looked at my map and saw an eye sore... Lugs was Blue. Eww. So we gathered a bit more meat for the grind and headed for what is rightfully ours. As we marched The Great Eye saw Tirith Raw fall to the men and elves and filthy fat hobbits. As we readied our assaut on Lugs, we were spotted by Thinks. He ran off to call for help. We made our way to TR in lieu of this and immediately began our assault. Thinks and his pet hobbit were first to meet us in the CG room and a great battle ensued. Glory was ours as the Captain-General fell at the feet of our small group. the battle continued and as the so called "free-people" gathered reinforcements we were forced to jump from the flag room.

As the fight was taken to back to Grams/Lugs, Thinks remained a thorn in my side. As I sit here in the mold of DG licking my wounds, quite literally, I grow hungry. Me thinks what will best satiate my hunger is a nice maggotty mash-stew in a Thinks-head bowl.

I offer the bounty of 10 silver for the head of Thinks.

You are now thinking, why the hell would I go out of my way for 10 silver. There are two reasons. First, you're not going out of your way, you want him dead too. Secondly, getting paid for the honour of delivering hollow man-head to me... priceless. So, yes, the first to deliver the head of Thinks gets 10 silver for your "trouble"... get to work maggots! I'm hungry!