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    So how's the PvMP on Arkenstone?

    The title asks it all. It's been a while since I've done any PvMP (as in right before LotRo went F2P), and plan on going with a Weaver (as I suck at Reaver and don't like playing one in general), and was curious as to the state of Arkenstone PvMP. Would it be a good idea to start PvMP'ing on Arkenstone, or try a different server for that?

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    Re: So how's the PvMP on Arkenstone?

    I posted this thread about three days ago, and there has yet to be a single reply to it.

    Is this forum dead, or do all the people who have viewed the thread think that reading a question is going to give them insight to something?

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    Re: So how's the PvMP on Arkenstone?

    You would probally have gotten an answer if you had posted it in the pvmp section then again its kind of a hard question to answer because one person will tell you the action is awsome and others will tell you it sucks and really it comes down to what you like so best bet for you is just to log in to the game play for a few days and make up your on mind and if you decide to play on another servor then try it out for a few days.

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    Re: So how's the PvMP on Arkenstone?

    Its pretty lame to be honest, but so are most other servers.

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    Re: So how's the PvMP on Arkenstone?

    I always try to give Ark the benefit of the doubt. Lately though, the action has been terrible. Seems freeps and creeps alike just want to flip the map. Rare open field fights. May get some 1v1s if you're dedicated to roaming the map but it seems to be difficult of late to find those 1v1s out and about.

    Just my recent perspective on things anyway.
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