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    Loremaster stat?

    So, on what stat should I focus playing as a Lore master?

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    Re: Loremaster stat?

    WIll, fate to some extent but will is esentially your damage dealing stat. vit is a major also for survivalbility
    lore-masters are like wolves, alone we're pretty great but in a pack...

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    Re: Loremaster stat?

    I suggest focusing on Will, Vitality, and Morale.

    At early levels, it doesn't matter terribly much what you choose. A bonus of +5 to this or that won't make much of a difference. If you're dieing a lot, then focus on Vitality and Morale.

    Most LM items will also include Fate, so your Fate should increase when you upgrade Will. Fate is nice to have, but I wouldn't go out of my way to increase it. If I had to choose an item with +10 Will/+10 Vitality versus another item with +10 Will/+10 Fate, I would choose the Vitality one.

    The same ideas apply at high levels, although you'll also want to look for items with Tactical Mastery, Finesse, and Critical.

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    Re: Loremaster stat?

    1. Will (Raw Power is not as useful because it does not affect Tactical Mastery and hence DPS/healing)

    2. Morale (Raw Morale is almost as good as Vitality - LM doesn't really need any actual Vitality)

    3. In-Combat-Power-Regeneration. (Raw ICPR is usually better than Fate, because Fate usually comes at the price of missing some better stat and you only get about 0.66 ICPR per Fate. And you really don't need high crit rating unless you are a high number fetishist).
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    Re: Loremaster stat?

    Well.... there can't be any good answer without any detailed question.

    Statpriorities depend on level, solo, grp and so on...
    some examples for answers:
    Solodps: Will, Vita, morale, crit
    Support: ICPR, finesse, morale, will

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    Re: Loremaster stat?

    Why is ICPR necessary for leveling? I ignore it completely and never have problems. We have a skill especially designed for replenishing our mana, so I might occasionally use that if my power gets low.

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    Re: Loremaster stat?

    The usual three is Will, Vit and fate. I prefer to get the stat rather than the stand alone number, just because of the other little quirks they give.
    I also don't have high icpr but it does not seem to be a big deal for me, it depends how you play though. Between fights my power just pops up almost instantly, so i can share power to everyone in the group so rest is not needed. Though some love lots of icpr so they spam others with power rather than be selective with it.

    As long as you focus Will the other 2 stats can be at your own preference imo. Oh and finesse is a must to have on some gear

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    Guys!!! You should not just spoon feed people answer like this! All that you need to know is go to your Character Panel. Then scroll over each stat... You will be informed on what it does and if i is useful to your class.

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