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    75 minstrel looking for active kin

    Hey all,

    I just recently came back to LOTRO after a long break away, and got my minstrel up to 75. I've raided in other games and would definitely like to find an active raiding kin. I'm a fresh 75 though, so my gear is trash (like embarrassingly bad right now) and my virtues need a lot of work, but that will be changing fast.

    Please leave a reply here or shoot me an in game message to Keed so we can chat about some potential kins See you all in game!

    EDIT: Looking for a kin of Silverlode server.
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    heyy there,

    check out my kin site http://theministryosw.guildlaunch.com/
    we are always looking to welcome new new members.. i play every night. and there is normaly alot of other on.... look for lovenlife in game and i will be more than happy to add you to our kin family!

    hope to see you soon

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    Re: 75 minstrel looking for active kin

    Looked at your kin site and tried adding you, but doesn't look like your on Silverlode....I posted this on the Silverlode kin forum so thought that would make it clear, but I'm looking for a kin on the Silverlode server

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    Re: 75 minstrel looking for active kin

    hey our kin is a bit newer but we have alot of fun and we like to pvp in the moors alot and also try to do the new pve content can pm me on the forums here or msg me in game on grimbon.....we have vent if you want to jump in and chat before joining that would be fine as well

    Grimbon-Rank 10 captain

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    Re: 75 minstrel looking for active kin

    Greetings Keed my free peoples name is turialus. aad my monster player is Ashhsa. I run a kin freep side called the eternal warriors. ad creep side the berserkers rage, and we are always looking for new talent such as youself to join aour ranks. I am alwys running raids or in the moors pvpinI would love to hae conversation as to how we could mutualy benifit each other in this game. send me a tell and we can at least discuse the pros and cons.

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    Re: 75 minstrel looking for active kin

    Talked with a few kins so far in game, looking forward to running some different groups to see how it works out Still in the hunt for a kin while I go on some test drives though

    Also, just to clarify, I'm not a subscriber so I don't do any PVMP, so if the main focus of your kin is PVMP we probably wont' work out



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