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    burglar question

    what type of burglar build there is?pros and cons?
    what weapon best for burglar hobbit? currently using two 1-handed swords

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    Re: burglar question

    what type of burglar build there is?pros and cons?
    Currently there's two kinds of 'dominating' burglar builds (what comes to traits, gear and legacies): The Quiet Knife and The Gambler. I myself am of the former type, a Quiet Knife Burglar

    The Quiet Knife is our DPS build. It sacrifices CC and some utility to dish out the maximum damage possible. Burglars geared/traited/legacied especially this in mind can make very impressive damage. QK Burglar's also get to take the most out of their stealth special attacks, having an ability at later levels called "Feint Attack" which allows the next attack(s) act as if done from stealth, even when in combat. Personally I run 5 Red traits + 2 Yellow (Those being the Counter-Defense and Reveal Weakness enhancements). The two yellow traits are important, as they're both related to the whole fellowships damage (+10% damage and +6% critical chance, Wow!). Traiting like this has a disadvantage. I have nothing to enhance my CC skills, meaning that even if I drop out of Quiet knife stance and switch to Mischief for CC duty, my best CC skill Riddle will have a 30s daze with 30s cool down, making it tad unreliable when CC is important and must not fail.

    To summarize:

    + Very good damage.
    + Get the maximum benefit out of "From stealth skills" and bonuses.
    + Very good for questing, leveling and solo-play!
    + Relatively simple.

    - CC is possible, but unreliable, and to do it sacrificing some damage is required (No QK stance, no Feint Attack).

    Now, the second dominating build I believe is the Gambler. I'm no expert in this, though I've spent some time playing around with it, I'll describe it as I see it (I recommend checking on the Gambler build from a more Gambler experienced Burglar). I see Gambler as our Jack-of-all-skills type of build, it may not have as amazing damage as the QK, or as good CC and debuffing as fully mischief traited Burglar, but it performs passably in both, and throws in a selection of extra utilities. It does so via unique mechanic called 'Gambles'. Gambles are additional effects a Burglar may inflict on their opponents after using certain skills under certain conditions (such as using provoke from stealth and many more). Burglar unlocks the chance for these Gambles to trigger via traiting the blue traits, I recommend reading the tool tip of each blue trait and see what they unlock. Initially the chances for Gambles may seem underwhelming, but the chances grow as you unlock more gear and traits.

    I'd summarize Gambler like this:

    + Passable in everything, won't fall short by much in anything.
    + A LOT more utility than other builds!
    + Works well during questing, and apparently the thing to go with for tough solo challenges.

    - Lacking in damage compared to Quiet Knife.
    - A tad more complex to get into.

    Both builds require some specialization what comes to legacies for Legendary weapons.

    Some might argue there's a 3rd build, The mischief-maker, traiting exclusively yellow traits, but I haven't seen those much recently, perhaps due to the lack of need. The yellow traits go well mixed with the other colors, but specializing yellow gains you rather lukewarm returns in comparison to what the other trait lines get you.

    what weapon best for burglar hobbit? currently using two 1-handed swords
    While leveling, I'd say go with the best that is available at the moment, perhaps favour especially items with vitality, agility and raw morale. At the end game level I believe many Hobbits use a legendary club for the racial trait bonus (+2% damage) and the chance for the clubs inherent attack speed debuff. I also see some running with legendary dagger, which is a solid alternative. For off-hand, use the best suited item you can find

    So, I hope that was helpful! I have a nasty tendecy to get carried away while writing



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