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    The Ancient Order

    The Ancient Order is a group of older (21+) mature gamers who came together in friendship to form a kinship/guild built on the premise that Real Life is far more important than the game. Granted we're small right now, but think of the opportunity to help a kin grow.

    While we have since branched out to include other games in which we participate as a kinship/guild, The Lord of the Rings Online, was the game that gave 'birth' to The Ancient Order's Kinship.

    We all play a game for different reasons, but everyone wants to escape real life for awhile...."kick back"....and have a good time. We believe that The Ancient Order gives every player a chance to do EXACTLY that!

    We believe that every player should have the opportunity to experience as much of the game as they desire. We are as much a "home" to the 'solo-only' player as we are to those who wish to group and raid regularly and regardless of play-style, we are always willing and ready to help each other in any way we can.

    We are active with in-game and "live" chat and have our own Ventrilo Server.

    If you feel we offer the gaming experience you might be looking for, please visit our website at www.ancient-order.com to complete an application.

    Also, do not hesitate to send a pm in-game or mail to Firestrike, Fozorin or Badgewick.

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    We'll be hitting rank 7 soon so sign up now!!



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