I'm not sure if this may be very usefull to everyone but at least it may be usefull for some of us.

If you are playing LOTRO and don't like it's in-game VoiceChat (quality e.t.c) feel free to join our Voice Chat group @ RaidCall. Status: 24h online.

How to do it

1. Download Raid Call client @ http://www.raidcall.com/
2. Install it.
3. Create account.
4. Login.
5. Join our group:
a) Browse a "Group" tab
b) Choose "Browse Groups"
c) Switch to "Group ID" tab
d) Type our group ID number: 4684129
6. Enjoy

Available rooms for LOTRO players:

-PvE (Fellowships/Raids)
-RP (Role Playing)
-Prancing Pony (Lounge)

If you want to post a comment/issue, you may do it here or on our forums @ http://social-top.com/community/index.php.