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    Hello! New to Lotro and Windfola =p

    Hey everyone, just stopping by to say hello to you guys here on the Windfola server. Still a pretty new to the game, my Dwarf is like level 10 but this game has hooked me right from the start. Anyways, hoping to see you guys around real soon. Cheers.

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    Re: Hello! New to Lotro and Windfola =p

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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    Re: Hello! New to Lotro and Windfola =p

    Welcome Glasin! Good to have you in the realm! Feel free to look me up!
    Berenhathol, Leader(Pro-tem) of [url=http://the-kindred.shivtr.com/][b]The Kindred[/b][/url]
    Also known as Dinendae, Burglar of [url=http://the-kindred.shivtr.com/][b]The Kindred[/b][/url]
    The Kindred are members in good standing of the [url=http://the-windfola-alliance.shivtr.com/]Windfola Alliance[/url], a group of kinships that have banded together for mutual raiding.

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    Re: Hello! New to Lotro and Windfola =p

    Hi and welcome friend. I too am new to LotRO and Windfola server got my Hobbit Hunter up to level 20 and stopped in Bree to build up some TP with a Dwarf on another server. I will be back as I kind of enjoy the slower pace of this server's players. Go figure I went over to Dawarrdelf two day before the Steam launch. lol



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