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    Bear- Burley
    Lynx- Brightleaf
    Eagle- Cavendish
    Lurker- Latakia
    Sabertooth- Criollo

    What can I say, I dig the pipeweed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongon View Post
    Just call them all "Kenny" so when your pet dies in a raid, you can scream really loud on vent: OMG THEY KILLED KENNY, YOU ...
    I actually might have to do that....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evenprimes View Post
    Good taste in books, ancient cultures, and comics.
    Why, thank you sir

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    Mine are named after characters from Skies of Arcadia, mostly.

    Raven - Vyse
    Bear - Dyne
    Lynx - Aika
    Sabre Tooth - Ramirez
    Eagle - Finnwaal (not SoA related)

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    My LM's name is Juliaugusta, after Livia Julia Augusta, Augustus' wife (I was living in Rome and on a bit of a Roman history kick when I made her :P ). So all of my pets are named after Roman emperors.

    Bear: Augustus
    (snow) Raven: Constantine
    Sabretooth: Claudius (he was named Nero, but someone complained, so I changed him to another, less-known, evil emperor)
    Lynx: Trajan

    My spirit pets are off-topic, though. My spirit boar is Leroy, because he likes to wander off and aggro things, and has killed me more than once (I just came back from a 3 month break - do they still do that?) and for some reason I can't think of my spirit lynx's name.
    Ignore the user name... I'm a girl! ~~~ Also Lohla - Warden

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    Raven: Mendicant
    Bear: Ursa
    Edit - I've since acquired the Polar Bear and the Tundra Cub, and named them UrsaMajor and UrsaMinor, respectively
    Lynx: Kitara
    Sabretooth: Bucky
    Eagle: Sinjin

    Fox: Megan
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    Gilfindond, 85 Elf Champion, Elendilmir

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    May 2012
    In my TARDIS
    Raven- Loki

    Getting the theme?
    Lore-Monkey(not a Lore Guardian) and proud of it.


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    My lore-master is relatively new. He's only at level 14 (almost 15) right now so I only have a raven and bear so far.

    Raven: Flacco
    Bear: Cutler

    American football fans might get what I'm doing with my pet names.

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    boglurker : TwiggyPop

    Eagle : EagleOne

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    Bear: Riberius - thats the alias my brother uses. I like to tease him a little with that. in every game where i have a pet to name its always named Riberius

    BloodRaven: Nagrach - the name of an archdemon from the pen&papergame the dark eye

    Lynx: Phex - The name of my cat, also the god of thieves from the dark eye

    I´m only 46, so thats it.

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    Raven: Cluck
    Bear (Black): NSFF (not safe for forums)
    Lynx (all): NSFF
    Bog Lurker: Corndog
    Spirit Auruch: SkimMilk
    Spirit Lynx: Cthru
    Eagle: ColSanders

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    Bear: Will bite for honey
    Raven: Please don't stone me
    Lynx: The Missing Lynx
    Polar Bear: Yellow snow looks yummy
    Sabre tooth: Bait.
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    I'm a fairly new LM only level 43 so the only name I've decided on is for my bear
    his name is Oso because its Spanish for bear and if it counts I named my horse Lightmare

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    Feb 2007
    I play a lot in the moors... so some deception is in order

    Eagle - Raven
    Bear - not used much, but NextYearsCoat
    My lynx is usually stealthed, so recently I'm naming him after well-known players with hard to spell names, so as to attract the wargies.
    Raven - Either Eagle or something like "FifthOutpost" in order to draw the attention away from me

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    Dec 2012
    Southeastern USA
    Got a baby LM, level 19 as of this writing:

    Raven (default) - Baltimore
    Raven (blood raven) - Big Red [dumb, hate it, will be changing it when I can think of something better]

    Bear - Superfuzz

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    Some of my names are lore-named.

    Others are historical or cultural.

    Raven: (Black Raven) is Moraer, which is sindarin for Black-king. and my (Frost Raven) is Mithaer, which is silver-king.
    Lynx: Malfina
    Bear: Beowulf (duh....because it means Bear.) and my (black bear) is Beolaf
    Bog lurker: NimLas (white leaf)
    Eagle: (my ember eagle) is Ghalafas

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    Good names all, thanks for posting.

    This talk of pets gave me the idea what do with my second set of quickslots:

    Main pet is the Blood Raven - RedBaron. With easier access, might call other pets more often and personalize them.

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    Nov 2012
    (my character names are lore-appropriated, so I decided to be more free in the pets names)

    Black crow - Edgard (...Allan Poe)
    Frost crow - Aurora (Bjork's song)
    Mottled crow - Ravena
    Red crow - Sanguine

    Default bear -Mishka (russian bear)
    Polar bear - Beorn (bear in some europpean language I cant remember)
    Polar cub - Gummy (that candy)


    Man hunter's horse - Eclipso (Pink Floyd's song)
    Dwarf hunter's horse - Sleipnir (Odin's horse)
    Lore-master's horse - ArnoldLayne (Pink Floyd's song)
    Rune-keeper's horse - EmilyPlay (Pink Floyd's song)
    [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][SIZE=2][SIZE=3]"At your service and your families"[/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][I]Imladris:[/I][/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFD700"][B]Nananturg[/B] Dwarf/Hunter [B]Frongolturg [/B] Dwarf/Rune-Keeper[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][I]Elendilmir:[/I][/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFD700"][B]Finiadraug[/B] Men/Hunter [B]Cuivorn[/B] Men/Lore-Master[/COLOR]

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    Dec 2012
    I don't have all the pets yet but here are the ones I do have:

    Raven - Ember because it helps with fire.
    Bear - Meryl, which is an unintended reference to Trigun.
    Lynx - Thunder, which was thought off the top of my head at the time but now all I can think of is "Thunder Cat." XD

    As for cosmetic pets:

    Rabbit - Lilac
    Turtle - Lavender
    Cat -Alice, as a reference to Alice in Wonderland.
    [SIZE=2][COLOR="#00FF00"][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Second Breakfast of Crickhollow.
    [COLOR="#40E0D0"]The Lonely Mountain Band of Landroval.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

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    Nov 2011
    4 Chalk Road, Nettlevale


    Raven: yet unnamed
    Bear: Urgunabar (Adûnaic) Bear of strength
    Lynx: Barakarna (Westron) Quick reaver

    Landroval: Kibilturg (Watchers of Elendil); Taurunion, Erohtar (Taters and Traders)
    Crickhollow: Kibilturg (Tarciryan Knights), Zigilturg (Forever Notorious), Birnavor (The Northern Kingdom), Nuncle (Casual Wanderers)

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    Jun 2011
    must famous and hated raven: Biancuccello

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    Dec 2012
    Southeastern USA
    So my husband, who normally plays World of Warcraft, and who has been a F2P player here for nearly a year, couldn't get excited about the game when he attempted to level a champ. However he's been watching me play my low-level LM and he had his interest rekindled, and so yesterday he rolled one himself. I'm a jeweler, so I sent him a scroll to learn to call a blood raven.

    He named it KaelThas, after Kael'Thas Sunstrider, prince of the blood elves, one of the big villains/raid bosses in WoW.

    Yes, I laughed.
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    My blood-raven used to be called Merlin, but Turbine doesnt allow that name anymore :/ Currently in PvMP hes called "FlyYouFools"
    Eagle - Throndir
    Bear cub - Wargsnack (PvMP)
    Lynx - Morris
    Sabretooth - Tiaga
    Bog-lurker - Benjamin
    Also Zigmund lvl 85 Guardian (r4), Mistye lvl 60 Burglar
    Cargoth r5 warg.

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    Raven - Nevermore (for obvious references to Poe)

    My only regret is the LM cannot summon spiders! If we did I'd call mine Incie

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    Sep 2010
    Murica the Eagle, formerly named Steagle
    BogNasty the Bog-Lurker
    Cola the Bear, formerly named UncleBoris
    Naven the Raven
    MrScratchy the Sabertooth
    MrTinkles the Lynx
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    Rechart, Warden
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