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Thread: Burglar Builds?

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    Burglar Builds?


    I just hit 75 recently and am trying to figure out the best build/gear, etc. for general play (some soloing to upgrade virtues, some grouping to gain marks, etc.). I run 5 Gambler traits. I am wondering what builds other burgs run with and what I should be working towards. Thanks.

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    Re: Burglar Builds?

    My Non PvP Gambler build is

    Blue traits: Cruel Odds, Leafwalker, Honed Wit, Side Step, Swift and Subtle

    Other Traits: Ambidextrous (best burg dps trait in the game), trickster (Cant beat AOE stun and gambles when you follow this with startling twist)

    Legendary: Exposed Throat, Flashing Blades, Dealings Done

    Virtues: Zeal, Valour: then pick 3 others from (Determination, Innocence, Fidelity, Honesty, Charity, Tolerance, Justice)

    STATS: You should shoot for somewhere around

    7200+ Morale
    1800+ Agility

    If either your morale or agility are less then those numbers you could get them there by changing your gear some.

    Don't forget to get the great river barter rep scrolls your legendary weapons (I recommend beleraind damage with extra agility on weapon and tactical mitigation with extra agility on burg tools)

    The great river barter jewelry (limelight gorge rep) and great river crafted jewelry has some very nice pieces

    If you raid go for the ToO armor that gives aim=dev crit for 5 set bonus

    If you PvP go for the set (Unseen) that gives extra dev crit chance (up to +20%)

    If you are just doing instances for medallions go for 4 pieces of the Draigoch Armor (There is a nice crafted helm that gives agility and morale that you can combine with this.)

    I think the morale/mitgation cloak that can drop from the fungal boss in Tier II challenge from the Pits 3 man is very good.
    If you can get the scales from a Draigoch raid then maybe go for the agility cloak.

    There are also some very nice teal drops in the chests from 12 man Skirms
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