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    Looking for a good kin for me.

    I have a 70 Minstrel 58 Loremaster 40 Guardian 36 Runekeeper 30 Hunter.

    I spend most of my time questing, harvesting, and crafting.

    I like to group but find it kind of hard with what I have access to at the moment.

    I have done VIP in the past but now have the Evendim, Forochel, Moria, and Mirkwood areas. Thinking about getting Angmar or Lothlorien next.

    So looking for a Kin where I could do some Annuminas stuff with the lower lvl, and do some Moria things with the Loremaster mainly. Also fine with healing with the mini, but mainly just do Mirk with him now.

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    Re: Looking for a good kin for me.

    Hello, i just saw your post and i thought maybe you would be interested in joining outlaws. We currently run fornost/evendim/angmar (weekly and sometimes more than once a week) group or raids. Moria instances/raids are in planning because more of us are reaching level 54+, with isengard however we only do 3man instances till more of us reach level cap^^.Also we like to group up with skirmishes, whether that is for duo,small fellow or full fellowship or sometimes even a raid (this is just random, like: hey i am doing a skirm anyone want to join? and mostly people do ). We are a medium sized kinship (with members from all over the world) in which we pretty much know eachother and help eachother with anything. We are also a craft-heavy kinship, which means we like to craft alot <Smile>, some of us are even declared as kin tailor/armourer/scholar/cook/woodworker/tinker/weaponsmith.
    more information:
    our website:

    if you are interested in joining contact me ingame on lindiron with a tell or a mail (preferred) or reply on this and tell me your toons names
    also if you really want to do raids or groups in isengard i reconmend you to join our alliance kinship cuthalions warriors, isengard is their life they do nothing else than that <puh>.
    R14 Defiler Ezmoding, R12 warleader Hydraah, R12 reaver Lubshag, R12 warg Landvaettir, R15 hunter Pewpewboom,
    R10 guardian Baforin, R9 hunter Baflo, R9 captain Adalwic

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    Smile Re: Looking for a good kin for me.

    Check out Council of Elders at coe.lotrosites.com. From what you post, you would like our kin. Contact me in game later or any officer on the kin forum. Hope you find a home.
    Crickhollow Kinship Directorate ~ Paladiran Kin Leader 115 Hunter, r10; Leeafe 105 Lore-master, r1, Agrro 115 Minstrel, r5, Gaarrd 115 Guardian, Valann 105 Captain, Elvwing 115 Rune-keeper, Sneakky 115 Burglar, r3; Chaamp 115 Champion. Shifta 100 Beorning, Siegun 105 Warden, Heeals 93 Minstrel, Staarr 110 High Elf Hunter



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